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Achieve your restructuring goals with confidence and without painful layoffs. Learn more about Outplacement+ and how Octagon Professionals will enable your business to mitigate risk, and manage costs during restructuring.

There are few positive solutions for employers when facing layoffs. Thankfully, Outplacement+ is one of them

Frequently asked questions

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How does Outplacement+ get my employees to a new job?

Octagon Professionals is an established and experienced recruitment firm with access to a network of clients and job opportunities. Our recruitment specialists work with each of your employees individually to determine what their next career step will be and create their profile. Tailored to the professionals’ job profile, our recruitment team will develop specific job-search strategy: Including the best channels to find jobs, regular check-ins, and interview advice. Tailored to the professionals’ job profile, Outplacement+ professionals receive a specific job-search strategy. Including the best channels to find jobs, regular check-ins, and interview advice.

I have employees with Dutch contracts that will be affected by downsizing. What are my options?

Working people in the Netherlands benefit from some of the best employment protection in the world. For employers this often means the process of restructuring, or downsizing, is quite complicated. If your business is seeking to downsize, you essentially have three options:

1. Develop a social plan alongside your CAO and/or worker’s council. If you need to layoff more than 20 people, your social plan will be carefully reviewed by the UWV and your employees’ trade unions to ensure your plan will give your employees enough to prepare them for their next role.

2. Mutually agree to terminate your employees’ contracts. This would involve your HR team discussing terms that involve ending the contract earlier.

3. Offer Outplacement+. Rather than out-right dismissing your employees, you can offer your employees a new job at Octagon Professionals. Outplacement+ offers employees financial security, and robust job-search support until they find their next role.

How is Outplacement+ different from other outplacement and career transition services on the market?

Unlike traditional Outplacement services who support your unemployed staff – Outplacement+ actually employs and keeps your employees paid while they search for their next job. Octagon Professionals acts as employer and keeps your employees paid and secure while they prepare for their next job. Meanwhile, our recruitment team provides your professionals with targeted job leads relevant to their role and will be considered for selection whenever we receive new roles.

What is Outplacement+?

Outplacement+ is a service that enables HR teams to offer a new job instead of a layoff. The new job is for is for a defined period of time and offers the possibility to prepare for a next career step based on training, coaching and job search support by Octagon.

How much does Outplacement+ cost?

Your exact costs for Outplacement+ are going to vary based on the number of employees, the number of years they spent working for you, and their salary levels. Schedule a call with one of our experts and tell us about your workforce to learn more.

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Achieve your restructuring goals with confidence and without the risk of layoffs. Learn more about our unique proposition on Outplacement+ for Employers and Outplacement+ for Employees.

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